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        International One-stop Purchasing Platform of Chinese Great Home Furnishing and Building Materials Industry in Wuhan, Hubei

        The 14th Wuhan International Green Building Technology And Decoration Material Expo 2022

        Duration: April 13-15, 2022

        Venue: Wuhan International Expo Center (Hanyang District)


        Chushang Federation Of Hubei Province,
        Hubei Construction Energy-saving Association,
        Hubei Building Materials Market Operation Association,
        Wuhan Home Furnishing Association,
        Hubei Wall Material Industry Association,
        Hubei Building Material Distributors Association,
        Hubei Construction and Labor Association,
        Wuhan Bonding Association,
        Hubei Flooring Industry Association,
        Wuhan Windows and Doors Association,
        Hubei Interior Decoration Industry Association,
        Wuhan Aluminum Industry Association,
        Hubei (Wuhan) Association of Refrigeration,
        Wuhan Building Security Association,
        Hubei Construction Association of Prefabricated Building,
        Hubei Green Building Materials Industry Association,
        Hubei Glass Industry Association,
        Committee of Building Industrialization in Civil Engineering Academy of Hubei Province.


        Committee of Construction Technology and Green Development in Technology Promotion Academy of Hubei Province,
        Wuhan Windvane Exhibition Services Co., Ltd.
        Wuhan Engine Exhibition Co., Ltd.

        Supported by:

        Wuhan Urban and Rural Construction Bureau,
        China Council for the Promotion of International Trade-Wuhan International Chamber of Commerce,
        Hubei Building Industry Association,
        Hubei Real Estate Enterprises Association,
        Hubei Building Decoration Industry Association,
        Exploration and Design Association of Hubei Province,
        Hubei Real Estate Development Association,
        Wuhan Building Decoration Association.


        In 2020, the gross production volume of Building industry in Hubei Province reached 1610 billion yuan, continuing to make this province the head of the whole central China area. According to “the Fourteenth Five Year Plan” and its prospects, Wuhan is speeding up in the construction of a National Central City. Numerous new municipal projects in construction and infrastructure are to be undertaken: “Five Centers”, “One Main along with Four Satellites”, Wuhan Urban Circle, metro & highways & overhead bridges, New City Landmark, Reconstruction of old town, etc. The new intelligent building technology is encouraged in the level of government and private companies.

        Wuhan Green Building Expo, also known as WASE has been successfully held 13 sessions, becoming the largets trading show of building and decoration materials in central China. Even though Coronavirus and the pandemic had created some difficulties and barriers, the 13th WASE in 2021 manifested itself with plenty of visitors and good feedback from the whole industry. WASE 2021 had indeed made effort to the recovery of the industry in post Covid_19 times, proving its value and responsibility as a common platform in terms of the industry.

        The 14th Wuhan International Green Building Expo 2022 will have 5 halls on exhibit, reaching an exhibition area of 50,000m2. As the area increases, more professional visitors are attracted, hence a better quality of accepting services will be provided. 8 forums in complementary will be held at the same time, further promoting to the establishment of the international one-stop purchasing platform of great home furnishing and green building materials industry.

        ■ Organization

        Big Data
        WASE 2022 has tens of thousands of accurate audience data of previous key buyers. The buyers will get invitation from invitation center via telephone, SMS, email and social platform.

        Precision Marketing
        2020 Wuhan Green Building Expo will release newsletters or place advertisements through professional Medias, such as China Construction, China Building Materials Information Network and Hubei Building Material Net. More than 1000 articles will be published to touch more professionals as well as to increase social impact. And fielding marketing with assigned associates will be executed in the same period.

        Visiting benefits
        The last exhibition successfully implemented the visiting benefits of "free shuttle buses and lunch". It is expected that 300 buses will be sent to the construction institutions (building energy conservation office), building materials market, home furnishing association, real estate developers, designers, engineers, home furnishings and large-scale decoration engineering units in all counties and cities in Hubei Province to consolidate and expand the scale of the visiting group. Free hotels are provided for buyers in need.

        The list of forums to be held at the exhibition:
        The 6th Wuhan Intelligent building and new building industrialization Forum, the Prefabricated Building Exchange 2022, Green Building and Building Energy Saving Forum 2022, the 2nd Green Development of Home Furnishing and Related Industry Forum 2022, Hubei Aluminum Development and Processing of Aluminum applied in Windows and Doors Forum 2022, the 2nd Aluminum Mold Intelligent Climbing Frame Industry Forum 2022.

        ■ Scope of Exhibits

        HALL A1

        Pavilion of Green and Prefabricated Building

        Prefabricated building (PC, steel, wood…), sample houses, prefabricated design, modular structure, preform device made of PC and concrete in industrial production, site work, prefabricated structure system, industrialized inner decoration products such as integrated kitchen, integrated bathroom or integrated armoire…

        Lining materials for walls, insulation board integrated for all kinds of decoration, building insulation system and materials, wall materials and equipment, application of renewable resource in building, vegetation materials for roof and cube, product system related to building energy-saving…

        HALL A2

        Pavilion of light weight steel prefabricated scaffolding framework

        Light weight steel prefabricated sample houses, steel-making structure houses and shelters, integrated houses such as mobile bathrooms, police box, campus houses, container houses and so on, Light steel keel machine, production line of light steel villa, color steel equipment…

        New framework, climbing framework, software, equipment…

        Water-proof building flooring, water-proof sheet form materials, water-proof coating materials, water-proof materials, sealing materials, roof technology, new tile materials, flooring materials, flooring system, artistical flooring, construction equipment for flooring made of concrete, raw materials of concrete flooring, flooring machines, cleaning device…

        HALL A3

        Pavilion of heating and decoration

        Accessorial equipment for ceramics, bathroom and kitchen, decoration hardware, interior lighting, illumination, wallpaper, clothing, carvings in stone, coating materials and diatom ooze, tiles, ceiling…

        Heating equipment, air conditioning, fresh air system, water purifier, refrigeration equipment…

        HALL A4

        Pavilion of windows and doors

        Aluminum alloy doors and windows, systematical doors and windows, aluminum profile, automatic doors, active doors, fire prevention doors, burglar-proof doors, glass for decoration, partitions, fittings of hardware, sealant, glass curtain walls…Customized and integrated home, all-wooden home furnishing…

        HALL A5

        Pavilion of customized home furnishing

        Customized home furnishing, wooden home furnishing, integrated space, customized wooden furnishing for stairs or armoires, wooden doors, mobile doors, sliding doors, artificial glass doors, production line for customized home furnishing …

        ■ Exhibition Rates

        Please make your reservation in advance so we can provide you with the best positions.


        International standard booth 9㎡: USD 2200 / booth;
        Special booth (36㎡ on hire): USD 250 /㎡.


        Please contact expo office.

        Advertisement information vary in choices, it is suggested for a better marketing effect.

        Please contact expo office.

        ■ Organization Office

        Organization Office of the 14th Wuhan International Green Building Technology And Decoration Material Expo 2022
        Add: Room 2216, No.186 Xinhua Road, Wuhan, China
        Tel: 0086-27-8243 9232
        Fax: 0086-27-8243 9316


        Naomi Wang
        Mobile Phone: 0086 1397 1551 160
        Mrs. Li
        Mobile Phone: 0086 1388 6042 587
        Expo website : www.political-t-shirt.com
        Linkedin account: www.linkedin.com/in/wase-china-2022041304
        E-mail: wasemaech2022@outlook.com , 378241920@qq.com

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